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Whether you are just beginning or have been sculpting for years our unique training DVD, showing the best sculpting methodology, takes you to a higher level of realism than ever before.

For the new artists our Sculpting DVD shows you how to sculpt all the facial features in an incredibly life-like way.  Vicki Reid shares her secrets to sculpting incredibly lifelike eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and much more. No step is left out so you will see it all from start to finish. Even if you have been sculpting for years this DVD will help you move towards incredible realism and give you advice that you can't get anywhere else.


There is no substitution for the best! Even if you have no prior sculpting experience our DVD can turn you into a sculptor. Not only will you enjoy the process, but you'll love the reaction your adorable and lifelike baby receives from people all around you!  Click here to watch a segment online right now!

Click here to download FREE doll sculpting instructions.
Download a low-resolution PDF of the Sculpting Tutorial featured in our NEW tutorial catalog premiering January 2008 at IDEX Orlando, Florida!
    As seen in the sculpting DVD prepare clay for the pasta machine properly. 
    Beaver Tail 500
    Use this beaver tail palette knife to follow along with our Sculpting DVD. 
    For detail work around the eyes as seen in the DVD.
    Clay Shaper Tools 500
    As seen in the DVD.  How the sculpting pros make such cute, detailed baby faces!
    Perfect for sculpting minis and applying life-like creases & wrinkles to all size baby sculpts!
    As seen in our sculpting DVD.  This clay skin making machine makes sculpting faster and easier. 

    For special sculpting tasks and for fine detail work.

    As seen in our Sculpting 6" Mini Babies DVD.  This tool is essential for the mini sculptor.
    Used by Vickie Reid in our DVD.  Will not change color, ever!
    Don't risk over-baking your sculpt!
    Perfect for trimming and altering vinyl parts.
    5 Piece Set with Storage Container
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