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    Clothing & Accessories

    A variety of apparel and supplies to dress up your baby.

    Reborning Tools & Supplies
    All the hardware and accessories you need to complete your reborn.
    Paints in an assortment of colors and sizes and premixed paints.
    Paint Brushes & Supplies
    All the tools and all the brushes for painting realistic reborns.
    Reborning Kits & DVDs

    Start here to learn reborning, or for more new experiences!

    Mohair & Rooting Supplies

    Varieties of mohair and rooting tools.

    7 different wig styles for 22" dolls

    The best mohair out there! Price includes 1/2 Oz of mohair. Black, Blonde, Golden Blonde, and Honey Blonde.
    Authentic Reborn products for enhancing realism: 3D Thick Texture Medium,  Genesis Varnish, Color Thinning Medium, Moist Glaze Medium Petite only, Orange Remover Medium.

    Short Sleeved Shirt, Turtle Neck, Bloomers, Socks, Lace Socks, Flannel Recieveing Blankets, Preemie or Baby Diaper 3-Pack, Blue or Pink Hospital Wrist Bands 3-Pack

    EZ Lasher for open eyes, EZ Lasher for sleeping babies, Eyelashes in size Baby or Preemie, Clear Thread lashes in size Baby or Preemie.

    Many different shoe styles! Mary Janes available in many colors!


    Baby hair without the rooting! A full head of hair in minutes.

    Genuine baby bottles and pacifiers, real pacifier holders, and pacifier magnets for accessorizing your reborn.

    For attaching limbs to dolls.

    For 17" to 19" Dolls, choose from 3 styles
    Cloth Body Slip
    Body slips for nearly any 12"-22" dolls.
    Glazing Gel  200
    Use Glazing Gel to give your baby moist lips, eyelids and inner ears.
    Eyebrow pencils are an easy way to draw fine eyebrow hairs on your baby's brow.  Use both colors to enhance realism.
    Baby Tears
    Easily create moist looking tears, mouth, eyes, and nose.
    Choose from 4 different adhesives
    Plastic uses uncut needles size 38 and 40. Wood requires precut needles.
    Paint brushes
    Deluxe Brush Set, Economy Brush Set, Mini Feathering Mop

    Prices currently unavailable for some individual Loew Cornell brushes.
    Tiny brushes that are perfect for adding incredibly realism to adorable 6" mini babies.
    Printed on an 8.5" x 11" gloss paper. Veining chart also available for the limbs.

     Foam Wedge Sponges. These are nice and firm which gives you a nice pouncing ability. These were brought in speacial for reborning. Thery are available in 2 sizes. 

    Cotton Tipped Applicators, Craft Sticks, Heat Gun, Odorless Paint Thinner, Genesis Thermometer, Paint Eraser, ,Paint Mix, Porcelain Paint Palette.
    Paraffin Candle, , Vinyl Trimming Knife, Vinyl Hole Punch Set, Small Awl, 10 Piece Needle File Set, Pacifier Magnets

    Choose from Course 1, 2, or 3 to start reborning on any budget!






    Magnifier that fits over your head with 2 seperate streangths which are flip glass.

    Reborner's Tote Bag, Photo Pix Pen, Key Chains - all to help you show off or promote your reborn babies!

    1/2 Oz Mohair

    The best reborning training DVDs in the industry! Course 1,2, and 3 DVDs, Advanced Classroom DVD, Rooting Your Reborn Baby, Painting with Heat Set Paints, The Art of Sculpting, The Art of Sculpting 6" Babies, Special Reborn Technique Encyclopedia Part 1.

    Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.
    Choose from plastic or glass
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    While perfectly safe, these dolls are not manufactured for children. Secrist doll kits and supplies are intended for adults.